IF Adventures

Remember my long story about my left ovary? Ya know-- The one I had surgery on in November. To get to scoop on that ordeal, you can read about it here. I gave a brief explanation about lefty's (a.k.a my left ovary) reproductive confusion on Friday of last week. My doctor increased my Follistim dosage to 150IU over the weekend in hopes of stimulating some perfect, mature follicles. No such luck. I had prepared myself for this news though. In previous treatment cycles, I have felt like my belly was full of water balloons and my clothes were super snug around ovulation time. I actually lost weight this time. Seriously, how does someone lose weight while injecting tons of hormones into their system everyday? I am slightly puzzled by that. Back to my story. . . 

It is amazing the things that go through my mind on my 4 hour journey to and from Nashville. On the way to Nashville this morning, all I could do was just remain in prayer with God. I didn't want to say "amen" until I was certain I had given every doubt, fear, worry, hesitation to God. I did not want to walk in NFC with a single ounce of fear. Mission Accomplished. I was completely at peace as I sat in the waiting room. When my name was finally called, I was escorted to the blood draw area. The NP drew my blood then put me in an ultrasound room. When the sonographer came in the room, she greeted me with a smile. I told her I was ready to see some pretty follicles! She seemed confident we would see something today. As she poked and prodded around with the ultrasound wand, she noted my lining was good. She noted I did not have anything on my right ovary. She then poked around on my left side. Nothing. I did not have a single follicle. I have been injecting FSH (follicle stimulating hormones) into my belly for the past 6 nights. My left ovary has apparently given up on functioning like an ovary should. On the way to work from Nashville, I had a chat with God that went a little like this: 
"You are completely in control of this. I'm just along for the ride. Whatever these tests reveal, I know I can continue pressing on because our miracles are on their way. I know I'm strong enough and determined enough to handle whatever is thrown at me today. Please let me feel Your peace and presence when I receive my results this evening."  

We're still in the game. My doctor and nurse are keeping my dosage at 150IU for the next 4 nights. I go back in on Friday for my E2 blood draw and monitoring ultrasound. Keep those prayers coming! I am believing God is working on our miracles right now! Our perfect little babies are on their way to my womb. I can just feel it! 


  1. Good luck, chin up!! Hoping that follistim will work for you these next few days!

  2. Hoping the meds work for you in the next few days. Sending many prayers your way :)

    1. Thank you so much! All prayers are greatly appreciated!

  3. Hoping you find rest and peace the next few days! Thinking about you Kari!!