Dust Yourself Off

After grieving for three days straight, it is time to put on our game faces and continue pressing forward. The first step in pressing forward was to deactivate my Facebook account for a few weeks. Let's be honest, the people who want to know how I'm doing ask me via text, phone call, email, or blog comment. I feel like taking a step back from Facebook will help me fully focus on what we are up against the next few weeks. 

What am I up against?

Well if I learned anything over the weekend, I learned I'm NOT a quitter. Just because we struck out on our first cycle with injections does't mean we are out of the game. I will be honest, there were moments over the weekend when I wanted to just call the clinic, thank them for their support, and encouragement, tuck my tail and hide in my closet. That is NOT the Kari I know. The Kari I know is not a quitter. The Kari I know does not take not pregnant no for an answer! [insert Rocky theme music] We are still in this and by God's power, we have dusted ourselves off and are ready for the next steps. 

I have my baseline u/s and blood draw tomorrow morning. Please pray and believe with me that I will be cyst free, my lining will be thin, and my levels will be where they should be. If for some reason my body is not ready for another cycle, we are prepared to take a month off so I can lose some of this fertility drug weight, relax, and focus on our upcoming anniversary and new ventures. We are actively believing our miracles are on the way and we will NOT let anyone discourage us! 


  1. Goad you're moving forward and not giving up! I've been waiting to have my 3rd iui now since January!! It sucks but I'll never give up on what I want the most! Keep on keepin on girlfriend!

  2. This IF stuff stinks! Glad you have a plan for what's ahead and I pray your appointment goes well :)

  3. Glad that you're feeling a bit better about things and not giving up. I think you really need to try to stay as optimistic as possible and just look forward and not back with all this. It's really all you can do.