Come On Lefty!

"I think I can. I think I can. I think I can."  

Is it weird I'm cheering my left ovary on? For you fertile folks who don't know which ovary you are ovulating from this month, here's a crash course in ovaries as told by yours truly. 

You have 2 ovaries. One on the right. One on the left. 
Each cycle you will ovulate from ONE ovary. 
If you ovulate on the right this cycle, next cycle...
You ovulate on the LEFT. 

Now that we are all on the same page, let me explain to you MY ovaries! I have two just like every other female out there. There's a catch though. My right ovary is perfect, wonderful, and works amazing. My right tube doesn't flow the way a normal ovary should though. It's like a clogged bathtub drain. My left ovary--well, she's a little confused. Sometimes it decides to grow these enormous 8cm cysts instead of releasing an egg. Sometimes she completely forgets it is her turn to send an egg down the chute. It's just whatever she feels like doing that month. The tube to my left ovary is clear as could be! Therein lies the problem. 

Right Side = Good Ovary, Bad Tube
Left Side= Bad Ovary, Good Tube

This cycle, it is good 'ol Lefty's turn. I started my FSH injections on Tuesday evening at 125IU. I did injections Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. I went back to NFC today for my monitoring appointment. Much to everyone's surprise, I did not have a single follicle over 10mm. Not. a. single. one. My estradiol level was 79 on Tuesday when they did my baseline blood draw. Today it was a whopping 50. My nurse and doctor have decided to increase my dosage of Follistim to 150IU for the weekend. I'm hoping, praying, and believing I will not wake up Monday morning with a swollen belly. I'm praying I do not overstimulate and have to cancel our cycle. I mean I've spent over $800 on meds this week alone on top of the $410 I paid for my monitoring appointments. So we're looking at $1,210 in one week. It will all be worth it when we see our precious miracle(s) on that ultrasound screen though! 

So what are we praying for this weekend? First and foremost, we are thanking God for picking us up and giving us the strength, courage, and means to pick ourselves up from the sad hole we were in a week ago. Contrary to what some may believe, we never gave up on our faith in God and His power. We were sad. Wouldn't you be sad if you just KNEW you were pregnant only to find out you weren't for the 20th month in a row? Yes. You would. Did you catch I said we "WERE" sad. Yeah. We were. We aren't anymore. Monday morning I woke up with the attitude of a superwoman. I know that wasn't ME though. It was God. It was completely God. The day before I barely had the energy to put make up on. God gave me the strength to pick myself up and press forward. So that's one thing we are adding to our prayers, our never ending list of thanks to God for everything He has shown us and brought us through. We are also praying for some pretty, awesome, perfect follicles to make an appearance on Monday at my monitoring appointment. Oh and Let's also pray I do not eat everything in sight this weekend. These hormones are no joke. I could eat constantly if I had enough food on hand. 

So that's what going on. I have a happy face. I'm ready to do this! 


  1. I love that you give Him the glory for the strength He is blessing you with! Trusting Monday will go great!

  2. It's so crazy that you're using such a high dose and not getting a response and I'm using such a low dose and getting and over response! I hope that the increase will help those follies grow!! I have plenty to spare I wish I could give you some. Take care!

    1. Seriously! I don't know what's going on with me! I stim'd after 5 days at 112.5IU last cycle, but that was my right ovary. This left one is completely lost...