Pinch Me Please

This is really happening, right? What? 

I meant to blog yesterday about my monitoring appointment. Let's be honest though. I was in a state of panic when I returned to work and that later spilled over into my time at home before and after G's baseball game. So basically I'm making up excuses for not updating everyone yesterday. Please accept my sincerest apologies. 

I arrived at NFC fifteen minutes before my appointment time as usual. One of my sweet nurses called my name before I even had a chance to get my book out of my purse. She took me back to the blood draw area for my E2, then escorted me to a room for my ultrasound. When the sonographer entered the room, she greeted me with a smile as usual. She handed me the clipboard to record my follicle sizes and began what is hopefully my last monitoring ultrasound! Keep in mind I'm pumped full of hormones. I did 13 nights of FSH injections. Last Friday (Follie Friday), I had four follicles over 10mm, but they were not quite big enough for me to do a trigger shot. Yesterday I had four beautiful, big, perfect follicles. Three of the four appeared to be ready for action, but I had to wait for my E2 blood work to come back from the lab that afternoon before we could be sure. So, the sonographer laid out the options. She said they would either have me do one more night of Follistim injections (my FSH) or they would have me trigger and come back in for my IUI in the next few days. I left NFC with the biggest smile on my face and the greatest sense of peace! I called my husband to give him the scoop. He said he was ready to do whatever we needed to do. We've been ready for this for so long! 

At 3:35pm, I called the clinic to listen to my voice mail box. The nurse instructed me to call the clinic to schedule our IUI for Wednesday. She told me to do my trigger shot 36 hours prior to my appointment. She said my E2 level was 1,103 and there is a high risk for multiples since I have 3 follicles ready to mature. We have prepared ourselves from the beginning for multiples. That is just a risk you take when you start these injections. We realize twin pregnancies are high risk. We are ok with that. If God gives us twins, we know we were meant to be parents of twins! 

So this is it. We go in tomorrow morning. I am trying so very hard not to get my hopes up like I did with our previous IUIs because I do not want to go through the sadness, disappointment, and anger I went through when they failed. But.... I feel really good about this cycle. My doctors and nurses monitored me more. I did more injections. I wasn't stressed. I wasn't worried. God wrapped me up in His arms and gave me strength to push forward and keep fighting. We have four follicles this time versus the one we had with our last cycle. We triggered 36 hours prior to IUI this time versus 24 hours in our last cycle. I feel like everything is pointing toward THIS being the cycle for our miracles. Our babies are coming. I can just feel it. 

Please pray with us tomorrow morning. Pray for doctors and nurses to have the knowledge to complete the procedure to the best of their ability. Pray that our babies are conceived. Pray that no matter what the outcome of this cycle, we will continue to have the peace and comfort we have had the past 16 days. Pray that my womb is ready to receive our blessings. Please just pray with us. Sometimes I have felt I do not have the right words or I do not know how to pray for this. For that, please just pray. We have hoped, dreamed, longed, and wished for these precious little miracles for almost 2 years. We have prayed every way we know how to pray for them. We are fully believing our miracles will be in my womb soon. God is in complete control and we know He has heard our cries.