While I'm Waiting

I've typed out at least 4 blog posts in the past few days only to delete them. I really do not know what to say right now. We are still waiting. I don't like having writers' block, but I do not know what to say at this point. How do I blog about infertility when I am not sure if I am still supposed to sit at the infertility table? What if I really have crawled out of the trenches as we say? 

This is what I know... I'm still eating chips and salsa.  I still take daily naps. My jeans still do not fit. We're still hoping and praying for our miracles! Yes plural. I'm believing there will be 2 in there! Please continue to pray with us over the next couple of weeks. These next few weeks are crucial and we appreciate any and all prayers on our behalf. 

Thanks for all of the love and understanding as we wait patiently for our miracles! 


  1. Kari, I am believing with you!!!!!

  2. They great thing about having a blog is that it is yours and you can write about anything you want at all :) Continuing to pray you and the babies!

  3. Sending a gazillion prayers your way that there are two and they are happy and healthy!! xoxoxo