I'm OK. Promise.

I know I have not really updated anyone on what's going on with our journey this week. For that I apologize. I almost feel guilty for building up all of the hype for THIS week-- complete with countdown and everything--then I just went silent. It isn't because I'm trying to shut anyone out. I just know we are not out of the woods yet, and we still need prayers. 

I will say this though.... 

Beta #1 (21dpo):  hCg = 2,661
                          progesterone= 92.6

Beta #2 (23dpo):  My precious nurse didn't give me an exact number, but she                           did say it was over 5,000. So it did more than double! 

I will give a full update in a few weeks! Until then... I'll be praying! Please pray with us. 


  1. Wahoo!! Those betas are GREAT!

  2. I'm loving those beta numbers!!! Praises to God! Still praying for you sugars! xo


  3. omg! yay! sending lots of prayers your way!

  4. Saying lots of prayers for the baby(ies)!!

  5. Fantastic beta numbers!! So happy for you and sending lots and lots of prayers your way!

  6. wow!! great betas!! I was dying to ask you but I didn't want to press you for any info! so happy for you, that is amazing! lots of thoughts and prayers your way.

  7. Hey Girl, just checking on ya, praying everything is going well for you!