PMS vs. Early Pregnancy Symptoms

I thought I should probably drop by my blog and give everyone a brief update. *Yawn*.  

Well we are 1 week down and 2 more to go. Actually we have 11 days until our pregnancy test, but who's counting anyway?! Really it will only be less than 7 days before we know. I mean, if my period shows up next week we will know we're not pregnant. Until then, I will continue obsessively trying to determine if I am having PMS symptoms, side effects of my hCg injection, or early pregnancy symptoms. 

I will admit, I have not worried/ stressed/ daydreamed as much I did during my previous cycles. I have tried to embrace the last week as an opportunity to fuel my body for baby growing. Occasionally it will slip up on me and I will think, "Oh. Only a few more days until we know." I then return to deciding what my next meal will be and if I should nap today or not. These decisions have become so very important the past few days. I have eaten pimento cheese sandwiches on a daily basis because I just cannot have enough pimento cheese. Daily naps are so important. If I cannot squeeze a nap in, I am ready to hop in bed by 7:00 each night. I have had a bit of cramping this week but not too much. That can't really be analyzed as anything exciting though.  Since my surgery, I haven't had a lot of cramping prior to AF's visit anyway. 

The next few days and hopefully weeks we will praying unceasingly for our precious babies to hang on tight. If my understanding of conception is correct, the sweet little babes should be fertilized and looking for a cozy place in my womb by now. I pray this is the last cycle we do. I am not sure I'm emotionally or financially prepared to do another cycle. I realize what I want and what I'm prepared for doesn't matter at this point. It is all in God's hands. He is in complete control of this. If we are not pregnant this month, we know it just wasn't meant to be. It won't be easy. I will probably ugly cry and write a blog filled with my sad, vulnerable feelings.... again. We have to keep fighting though. We have never wanted anything more and we will continue fighting for our precious little miracles. 

Until next time... I will continue my pimento cheese eating and daily napping. 


  1. Good hearing an update girl!! You are right - it's all in His hands!!

  2. It's so hard to have all these different signs that could totally mean something or nothing at all....it's crazy!! Praying these are all signs that you have a little one growing inside :)