The Little Things In Life.

I woke up this morning with this throbbing pain in my head. To some, this pain may be considered a headache, but to me it is considered the beginning of the worst day ever.  Throughout my ever-so-stressful divorce process I would get these terrible headaches/ borderline migraines. This morning when I woke up feeling like poo with a throbbing head, I was slightly confused since I'm not currently under any stress.  Thank God for Excedrin (sp??)Migraine and a HUGE coffee pot! After my first cup of coffee I began to feel much better. I'm not sure if it was the caffeine or the fact I have discovered French Vanilla liquid coffee creamer is a gift from the heavens above.  Either way, I felt much better. 

After my coffee pick-me-up, I drove to Lynchburg to meet my Daddy to sign some papers for my Corolla.  Driving to Lynchburg was absolutely breath taking this morning.  What an amazing gift from God! The snow on the hills off of Hwy 82 was just beautiful. If I could've figured out a way to drive 55mph and take a photo with my phone, I probably would've taken a million photos. IT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL. 

Probably the best part of my morning was the moment I got out of my car and saw my Daddy.  I am a total Daddy's girl and throughout the last few months I have depended/ leaned on my Daddy so much. He has made sure his little girl is taken care of and I thank God daily (sometimes twice daily) for the support I have from my parents.  We were in a slight rush since both of us had to get to work soon, but for those brief 15 minutes, I was excited to see my Daddy.  It is so hard to believe I felt the need to push my parents out of my life just a little over a year ago.  In hindsight, I almost feel ashamed for taking that time for granted. There are so many people in this world who have lost their mom, dad, or both parents and here I was pushing my own parents out of my life. How selfish of me. 

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