Nesting. It is Real.

INow that I am working part-time, I have become quite the Momma Bird when it comes to preparing the nest for Ryker and Averlee's arrival. Seriously. I've cut back on my hours at my paying job and now I come home and make lists of things I need to do (or have someone do for me) around the house. I learned very quickly I physically CANNOT do everything. Loading the dishwasher, unloading the dishwasher, preparing a real meal, and doing laundry are daily tasks I cannot avoid. It's the dusting, mopping, cleaning, organizing, and de-junking that I really want to sink my teeth into! Oh... but I can't! I spent one entire day cleaning Gavin's bathroom and bedroom a couple weekends ago. I paid ever so dearly for it too! My back and hips hurt so badly later that evening. I've learned to tackle one task on my "nesting list" per day. So far it is working out pretty well for me.

My husband is bound and determined we will pay someone to come clean our house before the babies come, but the Mommy in me wants to do as much as I possibly can myself. Call me crazy. Sometimes I feel crazy. I'm told this is a normal 3rd trimester pregnancy thing though.

In other news, I no longer sleep in a bed at night. I prop myself up on the couch or I sleep in a recliner. Acid reflux and hip pain are getting the best of me at night. I've tried several remedies as suggested by a few friends, but so far I have yet to find relief. It will all be worth it though. At least once the twins arrive I will be conditioned to survive on very few hours of sleep!

Bumpdate and Baby Shower Update will come later this week! Here is a goofy selfie I took on Halloween... 


  1. i got a cleaning lady the second i got pregnant, and i am NEVER giving her up! the laundry, dishes and cooking dinner are totally enough for me! i only have her come once a month so i have to do some maintenance in between. but once they come and leave and my house is sparkling clean without me having to lift a finger - especially at 38 weeks preggo, it is glorious! LOL!

  2. How cute are you!!!! Looking good momma!