Greetings From Labor and Delivery

We were admitted earlier today after I started having some intense REAL contractions. I've been introduced to the devil known as Magnesium Sulfate and I've received one steroid shot already. The mag is to slow - errr hopefully stop - my contractions. The steroid is to help Ryker and Averlee's development should they decide to make the month of November their birth month. I will receive one more steroid injection tomorrow evening. 

If the magnesium hadn't drained every ounce of energy from my body, I would type more and explain the events of the day that led to our arrival here at L&D. I promise I will post more once I'm able. For now, all prayers are appreciated! We aren't ready for the twins to be born. The longer I can keep them in, the better! 


  1. Sending you so many good thoughts and prayers for you and your babies. xoxo

  2. Prayers for you and your babes! You are in the best place you can possibly be now, so just follow those doctors' orders and take it easy!