Dear Babies:

Dear Ryker and Averlee:

Here we are. Two years ago you were just a dream to your Daddy and me. We prayed and prayed and prayed for you for over two years. God gave us you when the time was finally right. His plan for your lives is so beautiful. You two have already touched so many lives. It is just beautiful! I hope to tell you about it when you are older.

Thirty-two weeks ago our dream finally came true. Your Daddy and I are so excited to meet both of you! Personally, I've enjoyed all of the time I've spent with the two of you already. I have loved all of your kicks, flips, jabs, and high fives. Averlee, you've kept us on our toes at every ultrasound. We never know where you will be, what you will be doing, or which direction you will be facing. We can always count on you to have your hands beside your face though! Ryker, you've been the calm one on ultrasound days. I guess you do not have much room to move around when your sister is putting on her little shows, right? You both like to be very still when you know your Daddy is trying to feel you kick. You little stinkers!

As we patiently await your arrival, I keep thinking of things I cannot wait to do with you! I cannot wait to hold you both for the first time and tell you all about all of the wonderful people who prayed for you for so long. I cannot wait to feed you both. I cannot wait to see your Big Brother holding both of you. *Oh my heart*.... all of my babies together finally! What a blessing! I cannot wait to rock you both to sleep, dry your tears, and kiss your little cheeks. Averlee and Ryker, I have waited for what feels like forever to be your Mommy. I hope I do a good job. I hope you always know how much your Daddy, big brother, and I love you. I hope you know you wouldn't be my babies if it hadn't been for God. I cannot wait to teach you about your Heavenly Father and watch you both grow to know and love God. I look forward to watching you both achieve milestones together. I look forward to witnessing how much you two love each other. I have given up a paycheck, fancy clothes, high heels, Excel spreadsheets, reports, and bonuses so I can experience your dirty diapers, feeding you, holding you when you are sick, watching you take your first steps, hearing you speak your first words, and rocking you. Honestly, I think I made the best choice ever. I have chosen to be a full time Mommy to both of you and your Big Brother because it is all my heart desires. I just want to be your Mommy. I hope and pray with every ounce of my being I do a good job.

Ryker, your big brother cannot wait to teach you how to play ball! He already has a mini basketball picked out for you. Your Daddy cannot wait to teach you how to use your toy hammer, hunt, fish, and take things apart. You'll learn quickly that your Daddy is full of knowledge about so many things. I cannot wait to see what he teaches you! I'm sure you will spend a lot of time with him in his shop, learning how to "fix" things. You'll be your Daddy's little sidekick I bet!

Averlee, your big brother plans to teach you how to play ball too! You're going to be one well rounded little girl with two brothers! Don't worry, if you ever feel like being a girlie girl, Mommy is here for you! We can have girls day out and paint our nails if you want to. Big brother has taught me how play ball too though, so if you want me to play ball with you and your brothers in the yard, we can do that too! I'm sure your Daddy will take you hunting and fishing if you want to go too! I bet he even tells you the story about the day I slept on the ground while he hunted. It is probably one of his favorite stories! You'll have your Daddy wrapped around your little finger before you know it. I bet if you want to have a tea party, he will join you!

I cannot believe you will both be here in just a few weeks. Finally. Your Daddy and I cannot wait to meet you. Oh I cannot wait to see the look on your Daddy's face when he holds you! I cannot wait for you to meet him! Your Daddy is my best friend. I love him more today than I did yesterday. He has worked so hard to make sure our home is just perfect for both of you. He is so excited! I will always remember the look on his face the night I told him he was finally a Daddy. Averlee, I hope your future husband loves you and looks at you the way your Daddy does me. Ryker, I hope you love and laugh with your future wife the way your Daddy does me. You're both so blessed to have such a special man as your Daddy.

I can't write you this letter without telling you about your Big Brother! He is so excited to meet both of you!  Your brother has the biggest heart and is so full of patience. He held my hair when I was sick during my first few weeks as your Mommy. He has rubbed my back when you were in my ribs, Ryker! He has held my belly and felt you kick and wiggle, Averlee! He will be an amazing big brother. I hope you know you can always go to him if you need anything. I hope all three of you know how special and how important you are to me. God chose me to be your Mommy and that is not something I take lightly. Your big brother is smart too and oh so kind. I know if you ever need anything, he will be sure to take care of you!

I love you more than words can describe. Keep growing, my little miracles. I'll see you in a few weeks.


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