Please Say a Prayer

My heart is broken for a dear fellow infertility blogger today. Infertility is so unfair. I have come to know and support so many of these women thanks to this stupid disease. Some I have witnessed announce their pregnancies after many IUI or IVF attempts. Some I have witnessed lose their precious miracle babies. Some I have followed from the day they announced their pregnancy to the day they gave birth and beyond. Some I have cheered for each cycle only to read the pain and sadness in their posts as they type the words none of us ever want to say.... "It failed."  "I cannot have children." "There's nothing they can do." 

So if you have a moment, please stop by  Suzanne's  latest blog post. She needs lots of love, prayer, and support right now. She is a wonderful example of strength and perseverance. She has fought so so very hard. I wish I had half of her strength, but most of all I wish she could be a Mommy. 


  1. Yes, sweet Suzanne. Praying for that girl - love her and heartbroken

  2. I read her post yesterday and was heartbroken for her and her husband. I will continue praying for them...with GOD, all things are possible!

  3. This brought me to tears. My strength and perseverance has been for one reason, the love and support that I have from all of my friends in this amazing community. It astounds and amazes me that there can be so much love from people that I've never had the pleasure of meeting. It's the blessing and the silver lining of infertility. So thank you my dear friend for everything. xoxo