Bump Date - 11 weeks

I would like to preface this post by saying it has been a  rough week in the twin growing business. I am so blessed and so very grateful my husband and I have been given these precious little miracles, but at the same time... I have feared for my own health numerous times in the past few days. My all day queasiness has turned into violent vomiting in the evenings. Daily. I can almost predict it. It will happen between 5:30- 7:00. Every. Single. Day. It doesn't matter what I eat or what I don't eat. It happens. I have cried numerous times as I prayed for God to please protect my babies as I convulse over the toilet each night. This is all apparently normal for a twin pregnancy. It can last all the way up to 20 weeks too. I'm putting my big girl pants on and trying to tough it out for 9 more weeks... for my babies. We've waited so long to be pregnant with Baby A and Baby B. If this is what I have to deal with to bring them into the world, I'll take it. I just want them to be happy, healthy, and perfect. 

How Far Along? 11 Weeks 
*No pic this week. Oops.**

Due Date: Still shooting for early to mid December 

Weight Gain: I was up 5lbs last week, but that was before The Great Evening Sickness of 2014 hit. I haven't weighed myself in the last few days. We go to the OB on Friday. I'm sure they will weigh me there. Their scale is all that matters anyway, right? 

Maternity Clothes: It is all I wear with the exception of a few pre-pregnancy dresses. I'm patiently waiting on another package from Old Navy. Hopefully I will be finished with buying maternity clothes until the fall! 

Sleep: I'm getting better about trying to eat during my lunch hour instead of sleeping the time away. I'm still in bed by 8:30 each night and take long naps on the weekends. I do have waves of "I'm so sleepy. I can barely hold my eyes open!" but that is becoming natural to me. I just take it as it comes. :) 

Best Moment This Week:  Trey rubbing my little bump each night before he goes to sleep. He says he is telling the babies good night. It is absolutely precious! It makes this all seem so real. 

Weird Pregnancy Moment:  As soon as we walk in anywhere.... I have to locate the restroom for 2 reasons. I'm either going to pee or puke before we leave.  Also, for about 6 days straight I have spent the evenings in the bathroom vomiting.... for like 30 minutes! It was a little scary and I got really dizzy. Apparently it is normal though. I'm hoping this will pass quickly! 

Movement: It is still too early for that! I'm ready to feel some wiggling though. 

Symptoms: food aversions, cravings, increased appetite, violent vomiting, nausea, exhaustion. Ya know.. the normal stuff! 

Cravings/ Aversions: I have a new appreciation for baked potatoes. I still have an aversion to sweets and meat. 

Anything Make You Queasy: Being awake. I'm queasy all day everyday until I lay my head down. I'm hoping this phase passes soon so I can start giving the babies healthy foods. 

Gender: Still too soon to know! Gav is hoping for a brother and sister. I'm just hoping for 2 healthy babies! Trey won't weigh in on it. 

What I'm Looking Forward To My first OB appointment on Friday!! Non-pregnancy related, we booked a beach vacation this week! I'm so ready to have 5 days on the beach uninterrupted with my husband and Gavin! I will be 15 weeks when we leave, so I'm hoping I will have energy by then and NO MORE vomiting! 


  1. Praying for you that in the name of Jesus you are healed - no more vomiting!!! Command that mountain to be gone!!! Let us know how your appt is on Friday!

  2. That sounds so bad :( Praying for the terrible queasy/vomiting to go away soon!

  3. Aww, hang in there... have you tried ginger candies? Sea sick bands? I know there are some nautral teas that are supposed to help too...

  4. awe sugars I am praying for you. On the cross Jesus bore every single sickness, illness, and disease. To me, that includes morning sickness. He never wants us to be in pain or misery. I'm praying for your sickness to leave in Jesus name and for your babies to continue growing in perfect health! hugs!


  5. Sending prayers your way! If the vomiting doesn't let up you might wanna contact your doctor and get some zofran or something to help. One thing that really helped me with my morning sickness was crystallized ginger. You can find it in with all the spices at any grocery store. Anytime I started feeling nauseous I would eat a piece. It would help take the edge off. Hope that helps!

  6. Oh man, you poor thing. Hope you get to the 1/2 way mark fast and this sickness dwindles with time. You so deserve some R&R at the beach. Hang in there!

  7. Ugh! That sounds awful. I'm so sorry you've been so sick. I hope this stage passes quickly.