Yay! It is FINALLY Friday! 

The week began with us trying to catch our breath and recover from the awesome, fun, exciting wedding weekend of my best pal of over 20 years! It was so great to see all of my pals from childhood and reminisce about the good'ol days. Rachel was absolutely stunning and our bridesmaid dresses were pretty awesome too! 

Our church also held a Vacation Bible School on Sunday through Wednesday. The theme was along the lines of Treasure Island. It was super cute! I had the pleasure of helping out with the Pre-K class which had a total of anywhere from 9-14 kids each night! We had a great turnout and I only got paint on me one night! It will go down in the books as a success! 

Thursday night Gavin (my not-so-little boy)called to tell me he almost hit the ball out of the park at his tournament team practice. He has been trying to improve his swing the past few months. It sounds like he has finally got it down pat! He will be playing in a tournament this weekend, so we are looking forward to seeing him in action! 

Tonight I am meeting up with a few ladies for dinner while Trey finishes up some jobs at the machine shop. I'm really looking forward to getting out of the house and having girl time while Trey works. 

Tomorrow we will be hosting our families for a Father Day/ Kari's Last Birthday in her 20s Party. I'm really looking forward to my mom bringing my favorite cake in the entire world... Lemon Cake with Vanilla icing. It will be soooooo yummy! 

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