Bump Date - 8 Weeks

How Far Along? 8 weeks 2 days

Due Date: Well.... since we are having precious little TWINS, I do not have a set due date anymore. I've been told I will deliver early to mid December. I'll be considered "twin full term" on December 16th. 

Weight Gain: I've quit weighing myself at home. I'm not even sure how much I have gained or lost. 

Maternity Clothes: I'm wearing a maternity dress today from Old Navy, BUT that is only because it is comfortable and it hides my itty bitty bump. We are still trying to keep our secret quiet, but I do have a mini bump. It might be bloat or it might be babies. The jury is still out. 

Sleep: The moment I hit 8 weeks, I was hit by this overwhelming need for more sleep. Maybe the babies are having a growth spurt? or maybe I'm just worn out from the stress at work? Either way, I need daily naps and I'm in bed by 8:00 every night. 

Best Moment This Week: Seeing our sweet Baby Bell twins and hearing their strong, healthy heartbeats. 

Weird Pregnancy Moment: My boobs are absolutely huge. HUGE I tell you! We are only 8 weeks in and they already need their own zip code. 

Movement: None. The babies are the size of raspberries this week. I'm sure they will be moving and kicking Mommy soon enough. I cannot wait! 

Symptoms: All day nausea, vomiting every night around 10pm, exhaustion, food aversions, puffy belly. 

Cravings/ Aversions: No consistent cravings. At this point I just have to eat small meals very slowly whenever my nausea is not too severe. 

Anything Make You Queasy: Just about anything will do it. Anything too sweet (Sprite, hard candy - they did it for me this week) I also get super queasy if I go too long between saltine crackers. Being awake makes me queasy. Haha. 

Gender: Since the babies have separate sacs, we are thinking we may have boy/ girl growing! We won't know for several weeks though. 

What I'm Looking Forward To:  We also plan to tell our families and some friends next weekend.  I can't wait until we can start telling people! It will seem more real once I'm not having to constantly hide the fact we're pregnant and I don't have to dodge the "So how are things going" questions. ha. I'm also looking forward to being released to my OB at the end of the month. It will be a bittersweet goodbye to NFC, but I'm excited to see Dr. Williams at MMC again. I will be forever grateful for everything NFC has done for us. 

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