Week 12 Excitement and Whatnot

We made it. We made it to the infamous 12 week safety zone. I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief and finally soak this wonderful experience in. We didn't make it to this point without a few bumps in the road though. I'm excited to say my all day nausea and nighttime vomiting have ceased as of the past 3 nights. Praise God! I have felt a bit queasy at some point the past few days, but it is absolutely NOWHERE near the intensity of the previous 9 weeks! I'm so thankful I am finally able to focus on eating what me and the babies need and not have to worry about throwing up in public places! 

On Monday evening, the babies gave their Daddy and me a bit of a scare. I was headed to the bathroom for the 25th time that day- I'm exaggerating. Anyway, I was headed to the bathroom and something did not feel "right". When I went to do my business, I noticed some reddish/ pink on my underwear. I also noticed it in the toilet and when I wiped. I immediately panicked and just knew this was it and everything was all over. I ran outside to tell Trey. He was mowing the yard, but stopped as soon as he saw the distraught look on my face. I ran up to tell him I was bleeding. He told me to go on inside, sit down, and call the doctor. He put the mower away even though only half of our yard had been mowed. He came inside and held me until we received a call back. It was the longest 30 minute wait of my life. I just knew this was it and the next 24 hours would be rough. Finally the on-call doctor called me back. He reassured me that I was far enough along that the spotting was probably nothing to worry about, but they would need to see me in the office the next morning just to check everything out. I felt better about the situation but was still concerned. 

I went in Tuesday morning at 9:15 for an ultrasound. Trey and I got to see the babies for the fourth time in a month! Baby A had his/her legs crossed and was doing his/her signature wiggling. A was measuring 12w3d. Baby B was turned facing us and had his/ her sweet little hands tucked up close to his/her face. B was measuring 11w5d. They both had strong heartbeats in the 150bpm range. The tech did discover my fibroid had grown a bit in the last few months, but after speaking with the Nurse Practitioner, nobody really seemed too concerned about it. They didn't see anything in the ultrasound that would be a cause for spotting or bleeding. It was determined I may just have had some spotting from all of the growing and stretching of my uterus to accommodate our lime sized little miracles.  

So here we are. We are almost out of the first trimester. I still cannot believe I have 2 precious miracle babies growing in the uterus I was told would never hold another a child. God is so good and so so faithful. My heart is so full and so happy... so so happy! 


  1. Found you through my friend's blog!! I am loving your posts!!! When are you do? I will be 19 weeks tomorrow. It took my husband and I a while to conceive. Our babies truly are miracles! So glad I found you!

  2. Yay!! What a huge milestone! Glad that was just a scare and nothing more!

  3. I am just now getting all caught up and girl you had me in for a scare as I was reading. I'm glad everything is okay and going well! xo