Bump Date - 12 Weeks

How Far Along? 12w2d
*No pic this week. Oops.**

Due Date: We saw our OB last Friday. My official due date is January 14th; however, Dr. W said we will deliver around 37-38 weeks. With that being said, the babies will be here the week of Christmas or the following week. 

Weight Gain: According to the scale at my OB's office, I have gained a whopping 3lbs since my last FSH injection in April. My appetite is finally coming back around, so hopefully I will be gaining a little bit of weight in the next few weeks. 

Maternity Clothes: It is all I wear with the exception of a few items I purchased in bigger sizes a few months ago. 

Sleep: I take naps when I have a chance, but I no longer HAVE TO have one just to get through the day. I'm asleep at night by 8:30 or 9. 

Best Moment This Week:  Seeing the babies! They are growing and Baby A had his/ her little legs crossed. It was precious. Baby B was just chillin' (as usual) with his/her hands beside his/ her sweet little face. I cannot wait to see them again in 3 weeks! 

Weird Pregnancy Moment:  Pregnancy Mask. I have it! I look like I have a mustache or my makeup is too dark in places. I've tried to cover it with concealer, but it just doesn't seem to help. I've been told it will go away after the babies come though. Until then, I'm covering myself in SPF50 and hoping I can prevent any further skin issues. 

Movement: It is still too early for that! I'm ready to feel some wiggling though. 

Symptoms: food aversions, cravings, increased appetite, heartburn (yikes!!), growing belly, pregnancy mask, shortness of breath. 

Cravings/ Aversions: Cheese Sticks from Sonic! That will pack on some pounds I'm afraid.  

Anything Make You Queasy:  Chili's Restaurant. I got sick in there twice earlier in pregnancy. I just cannot bring myself to give it another try. 

Gender: Still too soon to know! I had a dream Tuesday night that they are both boys though! We actually have boy names already picked out, so that would work out perfectly I think! Either way, we just want them to be healthy! We've waited so long to hold them in our arms.  

What I'm Looking Forward To The beach in 3 weeks!!! When we come back, I will have my 15 week OB appointment and growth scan. It will be a great week for sure! 


  1. what an amazing Christmas gifts you will have :) Sending you lots of prayers for a continued healthy pregnancy and delivery :) xo


  2. awww yay! Glad everything is going well with you! Christmas babies, how exciting!

  3. Congrats on passing the 12 week safety zone! woo hoo!

    Oh, and the melasma sucks doesn't it? I've been fighting hyperpigmentation my whole life (thanks to growing up in FL and skin damage) but it's def popped out a ton since pregnancy. A couple things that I've found to help combat....Belli Anti-Chloasma tinted sunscreen & Eminence Bright Skin line of products (they have cleanser, moisturizer, and masque that help lighten dark areas naturally). Of course ask your own OB what is safe/unsafe, but I was told by both aesthetician and my OB that these products are safe to use during pregnancy. Have fun at the beach!

  4. Yay Christmas babies!!! I am so excited for you!

  5. Congrats on passing a big milestone!! xoxo