Bump Date - Week 15

We are 15 weeks already?! Where is the time going?

Proud Daddy and  Mommy  - 15w1d
My big boy and I at the beach - 15w

How Far Along?:  15w3d

Due Date: We saw our OB yesterday! The babies are growing and we are now measuring a little (like 2 days) ahead of schedule. Regardless, we will never make it to January 14. The babies will be here at 38 weeks if at all possible... so the week of NYE we will be celebrating our miracles!

Weight Gain: As of yesterday, I'm up 10lbs from before I started FSH injections in April. My doctor told me he is not going to hound me about gaining too little or too much weight. He did emphasize I need to not worry about gaining too much or too little. I guess as long as I'm healthy and the babies are growing and wiggling, we are doing pretty good!
Maternity Clothes: I'm in maternity clothes all the way down to my panties. I found these comfy bikini undies at Motherhood Maternity a few weeks ago. I absolutely love them and they do not cut across my lower abdomen (where baby A is hanging out for now) like my pre-pregnancy undies. I do still wear a few loose pre-pregnancy dresses, but for the most part maternity clothes are more comfortable.
Sleep: I miss being able to sleep through the night. It is so crazy I went from napping daily, going to bed early, and dragging myself out of bed to .... now. Now it takes at least 30 minutes for me to finally get comfortable in bed. I'm awake around 1:30am for bathroom break #1. It then takes me another 30 minutes to get comfortable again and fall back asleep. I'm awake between 3-3:30am for bathroom break #2. Usually by this point, my right hip (close to where Baby B hangs out) is throbbing and it is nearly impossible for me to get comfortable. I guess they are preparing me for when they arrive in a few short months! Mommy is already up most of the night with them!

Best Moment This Week:  Seeing the babies! They are both growing! We even got to watch Baby B stretch and yawn a little while the tech took his/ her measurements. Baby A was wiggling and kicking around as usual. The tech did give us a guess on their genders, but she told us not to start shopping yet because it will have to be confirmed at my 20w anatomy scan. Ahh shucks. We did go ahead and tell Big Bro Gav what the guesses are since he has been dying to know.

Weird Pregnancy Moment:  Nothing really out of the ordinary. Shocking. I know.
Movement: I don't feel movement as far as kicks and punches yet. I DO feel pressure where the babies are though. Sometimes it feels like Baby B is tapping on the inside of my tummy. It is the craziest feeling. I tried to explain it to Trey. It is just too hard to explain though!  

Symptoms: food aversions, cravings, heartburn (yikes!!), growing belly, pregnancy mask, shortness of breath, round ligament pain. 

Cravings/ Aversions: Milk. I was never a fan of milk until I got pregnant with the twins. I actually hadn't noticed how much milk I had been drinking until Trey pointed out I go through a gallon a week! I also love to eat any form of potatoes.

Anything Make You Queasy:  Chili's Restaurant. I got sick in there twice earlier in pregnancy. I just cannot bring myself to give it another try. I get queasy in the evenings if I wait too long to eat supper. Other than that, I feel like a million bucks compared to the first trimester!

Gender: We have been given a very firm "guess", but it will have to be confirmed at our 20w anatomy scan. Lucky for us, our scan is actually scheduled for 18w6d... so we will get an early peek!

What I'm Looking Forward To 2 words: ANATOMY. SCAN. Other than that : Shopping for our precious babies, registering for gifts, getting a solid answer on genders, decorating the nursery... the list goes on and on! We are so excited and so happy we have been given this opportunity to experience twins!


  1. Congratulations! You look great!

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