Bump Date - Week 17 and almost 18

Here's a bumpdate that comes with a very slight rant. Hang tight, friends. I was told from the very beginning how different a twin pregnancy would be from a singleton pregnancy. I thought I had my mind wrapped around the fact there would be two small humans growing together in a small space and after baking for 36-38 weeks, they would come out and we would bring home 2 little miracles. Little did I know, there is SO much more that goes into a twin pregnancy. The all day sickness in the beginning was almost unbearable at times. The other pregnancy symptoms set in quicker than with a singleton and they are 2x more intense. It wasn't until a very inconsiderate co-worker made a rude comment earlier in the week that I realized, I am experiencing something that so many people may have only read about. It is hard to explain what it is like growing 2 of God's miracles inside of me to someone who doesn't quite understand. Just because you delivered a 9lb baby at 40 weeks, does not mean you know all about carrying twins. There are so many more complications, discomforts,tests, worries, fears, and symptoms that go along with carrying twins. I'm not asking for a pitty party. I'm just trying to explain that when I say, "I bet my last day of work will be the end of November." ... do not belittle me by telling me, "OH but I carried a 9lb baby and never had to go on bedrest. That's like carrying twins." It isn't. Just stop.

**Off my soap box.**  Now here's my late (as usual) bumpdate...

How Far Along?:  17w6d (ish)  The babies were measuring a few days ahead at my last appointment so I'm a little unsure on the days.

Due Date: We just tell people the babies will be here in December. That way I avoid all of the "You're due in January and you're already THAT big?!" comments.  
Weight Gain: At my last OB appointment, I was up 10lbs. I have gained 4lbs since then I believe. Actually, I do not really trust my scale at home. I'll just say I haven't gained A LOT since my last appointment, but I have added a few pounds. It is all part of it!  
Maternity Clothes: I'm in maternity clothes all the way down to my panties. In the last week or so my belly has really poked on out there. Some of the non-maternity clothes I bought in bigger sizes at the beginning of our last treatment cycle are even too snug now to wear in public. I still have 20 more weeks! What am I going to wear?! ha.  I did make a few Motherhood Maternity purchases yesterday to boost my self confidence. I have a gift card to Target I am dying to use, but I'm trying to wait until they have their fall/ winter clothes out.
Sleep: I do not sleep well. I wake up to use the bathroom at least 3 times per night. I do a lot of just laying in bed with my eyes closed and hoping I will fall asleep soon. I look at it as conditioning for when the babies arrive in a few months!

Best Moment This Week:  Picking out bedding for the nursery, attempting to clean out the room that will soon be the nursery, and finalizing names for precious little ones!

Weird Pregnancy Moment:  My feet have grown and I no longer have ankles. I knew these things would eventually happen, but apparently with twins... they happen suddenly and MUCH sooner than in singleton pregnancies. OH! Let's not let this bumpdate pass us by without me addressing the # of people who have grabbed, rubbed, patted my belly. I get it. It is round. It just really makes me uncomfortable when people other than my husband touch me in such a way. You wouldn't touch my belly if I wasn't pregnant and I sure wouldn't walk up and grab anyone else's belly. So basically I'm saying, Please look with your eyes, not your hands!
Movement: Sometimes I feel things that I think might be movement, but I'm never really sure. The babies have anterior placentas - which means their placentas are at the front of my uterus. When they kick or wiggle, they actually hit their placentas instead of me. I'm hoping I will be able to feel them soon. I've really been worried in the last few days because I haven't felt anything. I do feel pressure where Baby A is at night. If I push and poke around enough, I can feel a hard spot where Baby B is too.

Symptoms: All of them. Kidding. Kidding.  Growing belly, nasal congestion (this one is new in the last few weeks), frequent trips to the bathroom, increased appetite, round ligament pain, pelvic pain, pregnancy mask, swollen ankles and feet, shortness of breath, heartburn, and growing boobs.  See! All of them!

Cravings/ Aversions: Still drinking a lot of milk. I do not really have any consistent cravings. I still have an aversion to sweets. I did have a root beer float earlier in the week to see if I could get the babies moving and swooshing around.

Anything Make You Queasy:  Not eating when I get hungry. I sometimes get queasy when my heartburn get too out of control too.

Gender: We have been given a very firm "guess", but it will have to be confirmed at our 20w anatomy scan. Lucky for us, our scan is actually scheduled for 18w6d... so we will get an early peek! We will know NEXT WEEK!!! ahhh.... cannot wait!

What I'm Looking Forward To 2 words: ANATOMY. SCAN. Other than that, I'm just trying to soak in each day as it comes. I cannot believe we are halfway there! I'm so ready to see their sweet little faces!


  1. EEK! I cannot wait to hear what the genders are :) Very exciting!


  2. Very exciting! It's frustrating when people try to belittle anything you go through. I bet even your twin pregnancy is different from XYZ's twin pregnancy! Just ignore people. They are stupid. :)

    Can't wait to hear genders!