Keep Making Me

Yesterday,  I felt it was necessary for me to enjoy the evening by going for a run when I got home. So I did. I rushed straight to my bedroom to change my clothes as soon as I got home. I tied my running shoes and took off around the neighborhood. It felt beyond amazing. 

I usually listen to music to help pass the time and encourage me while I run. Yesterday I shuffled my "Recently Added" play list. The very first song to play really caught me off guard. I do not think I had heard the song before. I'm not even sure how it ended up on my iPhone. Regardless, I listened to it on repeat for my entire run. I needed to hear these words.... over and over and over again. 

Sidewalk Prophets - "Keep Making Me" 
Make me broken 
So I can be healed
 'Cause I'm so calloused 
And now I can't feel
I want to run to You
With heart wide open
Make me broken

Make my empty 
So I can be filled 
'Cause I'm still holding 
Onto MY will
And I'm so completed 
When You are with me 
Make me empty

'Til You are my one desire
'Til You are my one true love
'Til You are my breath, my everything
Lord, please keep making me

Make me lonely
So I can be Yours
'Til I want no one
More than You, Lord
'Cause in the darkness
I know You will hold me
Make me lonely

I know Satan has been trying to get me lately. I'm well aware he is the one who drove me into my sad hole earlier this week. Satan made me lose hope and faith. I'm also aware God is still with me even though I am not seeing His miracles here on Earth right now. He's still there. I am not sure what the next few weeks have in store for me and Trey on this journey, but I am confident we are not finished fighting for our Baby Bell. I'm not through. I'm about to kick infertility (and Satan) in the rear end. I have no time for this moping around and being sad. It's time to get over the last bump in the road and move on to the next. [insert Rocky theme song and cheering]


  1. I love when God uses songs to speak to us!! Yes!!! I will join you in commanding satan to flee!! Everything he intends to destroy, God will restore back!!!! Believing this with you!!! Yes yes yes!!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song! I heard it back in January and have added it to my playlist. Yes girl...kick it all to the curb! God is fighting for you every millisecond of the day! love ya!!