Hello Week 23

Pinch me please. As of yesterday, we are 23 weeks pregnant. To celebrate, Averlee decided to throw a party in my ribs. I'm still debating if her brother was in on the fun. Determining which twin is kicking is a skill I have yet to master; however, at our ultrasound on Monday the tech showed me where Averlee's head, back, and feet generally are. Yep. She is IN my ribs and laying sideways! Ryker is lower of course since he is Baby A. He is head down and his feet are just to the left of my belly button. Ryker is not quite as active as his sister, but that's ok. Maybe he doesn't have much room since his sister is all over the place constantly?

We had our check-up and ultrasound on Monday. Everything looked great and we are still on track for a December delivery. My doctor is impressed with how well I have done so far. He also made a point to tell me I will get MUCH bigger than I currently am. He followed that up with a pep talk to remind me I'm still beautiful and for me to not worry about all of the weight gain. He told us the babies are measuring just a few days ahead. They weight 1lb3oz and 1lb4oz each. I cannot believe we could possibly be holding our babies in just over three months. It seems like our pregnancy has just flown by. We have managed to stay pretty busy getting things in order and ready for Ryker and Averlee's arrival. The nursery furniture is.. almost.. put together...sorta. The cribs are assembled as well as the changing table. The glider and dresser are still in the boxes. Oops. I promise we will have everything assembled before my first baby shower!

On another note, I have been keeping up with everyone via the bloglovin' app on my phone; however, it sometimes will not let me comment. So if you feel like I have been missing in action lately, I haven't. I'm still thinking and praying for each of you who are still awaiting your own miracles. My own infertility journey opened the door for me help a few ladies who I have been encouraging lately. I actually gave one of the girls my my fertility bracelet.  I also gave her two of the books I read during my own journey. It brought tears to my eyes to see just how encouraged she was by me giving her such a small gift. Infertility is such a heartbreaking, emotional journey. Nobody should ever feel like they have to walk through it and feel alone. I'm so grateful God has placed these girls in my life for me to encourage just as I had women who encouraged me during my own infertility journey.

Sorry if this post seems all over the place! I promise to be more organized next time!


  1. You look just so stinkin cute!! Yay!!


  2. Congrats on 23 weeks! What a touching moment that must have been when you handed off your fertility bracelet to your friend. So very sweet and thoughtful of you! I know she must have been moved by that.