Bumpdate - Week 24

I'm totally taking over my husband's desktop for his shop so I can do a quick bumpdate. I'm kicking myself for not documenting as much in the last few weeks, but I will try to do better until the babies come!

How Far Along?:  24ish Weeks

Due Date: We just tell people the babies will be here in December. Our due date has been bumped up to January 11th and 12th, which is only 2 days sooner than originally expected. No matter what, my doctor will not let me go past 38 weeks, so R&A will be here no later than December 31st! At our last appointment, Ryker weighed 1lb3oz and Averlee weighed 1lb4oz.

Weight Gain: I am up 28 lbs since before my last FSH cycle. I have tried SO hard to be sure my weight gain is gradual and that I stick to somewhat of an exercise routine. I know I can lower my risk for gestational diabetes by doing so. I also know it will be easier for me to recover from labor and delivery if I stay on a healthy weight gain path. So far so good. Don't get me wrong though...I have not been an angel when it comes to resisting unhealthy cravings! ha.  
Maternity Clothes: It is all I wear! I've even graduated to maternity/ nursing bras. I never realized just how comfortable a bra without and underwire could be. HELLO! I'm loving my new bras from Motherhood Maternity. I have also been extremely blessed to have friends who have given me maternity clothes. I cannot believe just how FAST I grew out of the stuff I stocked up on in the 1st trimester.
Sleep: Other than waking up for bathroom breaks - which I'm doing with one eye open- I am sleeping pretty good!

Best Moment This Week:  Finishing our baby registry for our baby showers and finally assembling ALL of the nursery furniture!

Weird Pregnancy Moment:  I've had several stretch marks pop up in the last few days. Oh and the itching. My belly itches so much!  
Movement: Averlee usually gets going between 9-10am each morning. Her kicks and punches are a lot stronger than Ryker's. I am assuming Ryker is just laying so low and maybe he is still hitting his placenta more than me. I do feel him move, just not as much as his silly sister.

Symptoms:  Growing belly, nasal congestion, frequent trips to the bathroom, increased appetite, round ligament pain, pelvic pain, pregnancy mask, swollen ankles and feet, shortness of breath, heartburn, and growing boobs.  Just your typical pregnancy symptoms.

Cravings/ Aversions: Still drinking a lot of milk. Oh and THANK YOU to the makers of all things pumpkin spice! I am a fan of pumpkin spice stuff anyway, but apparently pregnancy has magnified that appreciation!

Anything Make You Queasy:  Not eating when I get hungry.

Genders: We are having a sweet little boy, Ryker Christian and a precious little girl, Averlee Elizabeth
What I'm Looking Forward To:  Now that our registries are complete, I'm looking forward to our baby showers. I'm really excited to celebrate our little miracles with those who have hoped, prayed, and believed with us for the past 2 years! Two of my best friends are planning a shower for me in November, and I already know I will cry when I see a few faces walk in the door.


  1. Love the baby names you picked! So cute. Happy 24 weeks!!!

  2. Those names are adorable!! Love. Love. Love. So happy that things are going so well, December will be here before you know it! xoxo

  3. What they said ^^! LOVE those names. So pretty and unique. So excited for to you have your shower. Yay!