Kicking Off Week 20

I promise I have not forgotten about my fellow bloggers or even my own blog. I have had so many blog topics floating around in my little preggo brain; however, when I actually sit down to pound the words out on my keyboard, it just does not happen. I am still reading blogs. I just have to read them through my blog app which sometimes makes it hard for me to comment. Please know I'm still praying for all of you ladies who are still waiting for your miracle(s).

How Far Along?:  20w1d ish. The babies are measuring 4 days ahead according to our ultrasound last week. 

Due Date: January 14th. Dr. W told us last Tuesday that he will not let me go past December 31st though. I will be 38w by then and the babies should be all nice and plump. 

Weight Gain: 14lbs total. That's pretty dang good considering I'm carrying 2 babies, 2 sacs, 2 placentas, and I can barely do all of the workouts on my pre-natal DVD anymore. I've resorted to walking late in the evenings or early mornings. I've also tried to be SUPER careful what I eat. I'm not obsessing over my weight. I just know I need to remain as healthy as possible for the babies.
Maternity Clothes: I've stocked up on some fall maternity clothes to carry me through the 2nd half of this pregnancy; however, I guess I had a mild memory lapse and I forgot August in Tennessee is 2 degrees colder than Hades. Basically, I'm squeezing my belly into the last little bit of summer maternity clothes that still fit. Hurry up fall!!!
Sleep: I made a few pillow adjustments and it has made ALL of the difference in the world! I still wake up 2-3 times a night to use the bathroom, but at this point I'm not 100% I'm fully awake when I do so.

Best Moment This Week:  I had a few!
  • A stranger asked me, "When are you due?" She then told me about her adopted new born baby. It was neat. I was excited to know I finally look pregnant to people other than my family and friends!
  • Finalizing the nursery bedding. It is on our registry now. There is no turning back! I'm so glad to have this behind us now. I was really stressing out over it!
  • Seeing our TWO HEALTHY little miracles wiggling, flipping, kicking, and sucking their thumbs on the ultrasound screen!
  • Getting a confirmation on the genders of our precious little ones.
  • Telling our friends and family the genders and names of our babies!!
  • Adding TWO baby showers to my calendar! I cannot believe this is all of happening! I'm so excited and can hardly wait to celebrate our little ones with my friends and family!

Weird Pregnancy Moment:  Still rockin' the swollen feet and ankles. Thanks to Tennessee's awesomely hot late summer heat wave.
Movement: I've learned the babies LOVE when Mommy eats pasta (or Italian rather). I can really get them moving after a bowl of spaghetti or lasagna! I feel Baby A more than Baby B at this point. I'm sure Baby B is hitting the placenta more than me cause it sure looked like someone couldn't sit still on the ultrasound screen earlier this week!

Symptoms: All of them. Kidding. Kidding.  Growing belly, nasal congestion (this one is new in the last few weeks), frequent trips to the bathroom, increased appetite, round ligament pain, pelvic pain, pregnancy mask, swollen ankles and feet, shortness of breath, heartburn, and growing boobs.  See! All of them!

Cravings/ Aversions: Still drinking a lot of milk.

Anything Make You Queasy:  Not eating when I get hungry. I sometimes get queasy when my heartburn get too out of control too. The past few nights I have gotten a little queasy once I get home from work, and I haven't felt like eating supper. I do force myself to eat something though.

Gender: ****DRUM ROLL PLEASE........
Baby A is a wiggly worm baby boy named Ryker Christian.
Baby B is an active aspiring gymnast named Averlee Elizabeth.
Our firm "guess" at our 15 week ultrasound was boy/ girl so we were super excited to hear the babies were still boy/girl! 

Many people have asked about their names. Here's the scoop on that.
Big Brother Gavin stressed over naming the babies from the day he found out he would be a big brother to twins. Everytime he got in the car, we had to run through a list of names and "yay" or "nay".  One day he said something about "Ryker". I told him I would consider it. A few days later, Trey was googling baby boy names and he also mentioned "Ryker". At that point, it just seemed like our baby boy was destined to be a Ryker. 

We came across the name Averlee at the beginning of our journey in 2012. There was a sweet little girl at one of our bridal showers named Averlee, so I kept the name in my back pocket until it was time to start trying to get pregnant. 

The twins will have our middle names which are both family names. Christian is Trey's middle name and also my mother-in-law's maiden name. Elizabeth is my middle name, my best friend's middle name, and I have 2 great aunts who were named Elizabeth.


  1. You are gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE their names <3 <3 <3

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  4. You are simply glowing and stunning with twins! Seriously though, you look amazing!!
    Congrats on a boy and girl...I just love the names!


  5. So cool!! A boy & a girl?! You look amazing, glad to see an update from you, been wondering how you've been!