Good Things Come to Those Who Wait..

As corny as it may sound... it is true. Good things do come to those who wait.

I've sat patiently waiting for Gavin to adjust to this mess he is living through. I must say, for a 7 year old, he is a strong little fella. The last 10 months have been anything BUT easy.  We've cried. He has claimed he hates me. I've wondered if I should have "tough'ed it out" a little while longer, he's demanded not to go with me without his daddy... etc.  We are finally at a point where he understands his schedule and is ok with it. Prayers have been answered, and I can now sleep at night knowing I have not totally screwed him up.

Now I have a new battle though. I won't elaborate because I know there are people out there who are waiting for me come unglued in a blog so they can print it off and mail copies to my ex husband.  It doesn't matter how many times I clean up the "friends" list on Facebook, there's always someone out there who feels like Micah needs to know every move I make.  Oddly enough, I could really care less what is on his page. I will admit, I used to log in as a mutual friend and scope out the latest news, but I no longer care. As long as Gavin isn't being harmed, it doesn't matter to me what he does. That's kind of the point of that whole divorce thing, ya know? Separate lives.

Moving along....

Yes. I'm in a relationship. Unlike past endeavors, I didn't rush into this. It wasn't a spur of the moment, omg I'm lonely & need someone kind of thing.  I've known him for several months actually.  We met through some friends a while back. We had hung out on a few occasions with a group, and I will admit, I never really thought anything of it. He was a nice guy. I don't usually go for the nice guy. There seemed to be something there though, maybe? I didn't act upon it because I'm the prissy girl who had her mind made up she knew what her type was. He didn't really fall under that type description.  After a few Mexican meals with friends, texting throughout the day, a few dumb blonde moments, burnt hot dogs, and a trip to Zanies... it was clear we liked each other and there was definatly something there. 

I was still resisting though. I was fresh off a rushed relationship gone bad. I was not ready to jump into anything. I wanted to go on awkward first dates and spill a drink or whatever. (If you don't know what I'm talking about...see my previous blog.) I did the whole *meet someone online thing*. That actually wasn't that bad until I came across that one guy who had me convinced meeting someone online isn't exactly safe OR a good idea.  I gave up on the online thing shortly after my encounter with that guy. Let's just say I learned an important lesson. Unfortunately I had to learn that lesson the hard way.

After a weekend filled with interesting VIP rules at Barefoot Bay, a zoo trip, and him listening to me vent about all of the things that make me mad... it was clear we needed to have a little chat about what we were doing.  The next day, I beat around the bush and apparently confused the heck out of him, but I finally got the point across.  I wanted to know what we were doing! What is going on here?  I asked him what his thoughts were, and he replied with, "Well its kinda like this... I think you should be my girlfriend." I'm not sure why it took me so long to respond to that message. Maybe I needed to wipe the ridiculous grin off of my face first? Or maybe I was slightly in shock that he came right out and said that? Either way... I eventually admitted that I liked his idea. 

So here we are... 4 days into this. I'm myself. I'm happy. I'm having a freakin' blast! I have cuts from walking through a briar patch and a knot on my head from where he drove the 4 wheeler under a tree limb & I didn't duck far enough.  I haven't laughed nearly this much in a long time. I find comfort in knowing I didn't rush myself into this.  I thought long and hard about this. I didn't push for it either... It just happened when I least expected it.

Until next time...

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