R&A Are One

Today we celebrate the birth of the two babies I was told I would never have. I am sitting in my kitchen drinking my second cup of coffee as I listen to R&A snore (thanks to some nasty colds) over the baby monitor. Even though they've physically been in my arms every day for the last year, I still cannot believe these two little lives are MINE. I cannot believe that shy, curly-headed, country boy I met five years ago is now my husband, and we are raising these two little humans together. I cannot believe I'm the mother of a middle school aged child. Is this real?! 

This morning, I sang "Happy Birthday" to each of my babies. They ate breakfast together, drank their juice (their very very watered down juice), and I told them the story of the day they were born. Every year I tell Gavin the story of the day he was born, so I guess this is just one of my weird mom traditions? Maybe so. Needless to say, R&A were not thrilled with their birth story. Ha. I have high hopes they will enjoy the story when they are older. 

After we wrapped up the mushy birth story phase of the celebration, I took them out of their high chairs and just watched them play together. I'm so grateful I have been here for them everyday since the day they were born. I've witnessed all of their firsts, kissed their boo-boos, and filled their tummies. I've held them when they were sick. I've rocked them when they couldn't sleep. I've laughed with them to the point of tears. This year has been hard, stressful, and a complete whirlwind. There are parts I would be okay with never revisiting. There are other parts I wish I could relive every single day of my life. With that being said, I'm forever grateful. This is all I ever hoped and dreamed of... and more. 

Happy Birthday, Ryker and Averlee. Mommy loves you! 

If you missed their birth story, you can find Part 1 here. and Part 2 here.

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