We Made It

9 Months

We made it to 9 months. I'm not going to sugar coat it for you. Being a twin mama has been rough. It's the good kind of rough though. It is challenging but oh so rewarding. Being the mom of a middle school student AND a twin mama while living at least 40 minutes away from family and friends and having a husband who works crazy, long hours and travels.... Eh.

When Trey and I decided I could be a stay at home mom, I had all of these amazing dreams ideas of what that would look like. I imagined mornings of sipping coffee while watching my children play in the floor. Afternoons of playing in the yard. Picnics under a tree. Trips to the park. Random shopping trips with friends. Playdates with fellow stay at home moms.  Can I be real for a second? When Ryker started crawling, which was probably 2 months ago, I went three days without a shower. You read that correctly. 3 days. No shower. If I haven't showered, I do not want to even think about going out in public. I put make up on once a week to go to church. I strike up conversations with the college kid cashier at the grocery store because I'm that desperate for adult interaction sometimes. My kids have not had a play date because everyone I know who has kids around R&As age either (a) work during the day or (b) live too far away. I do drink coffee in the mornings. I typically have to reheat it at least once because I usually sit it down after I pour it and forget where I left it. After I reheat it, I chug it. There's no time for sipping coffee in the mornings! ha. There are NO random shopping trips with friends. The thought of maneuvering my double stroller through multiple stores by myself is just overwhelming. Even the children's stores are not laid out well enough for a stroller! I do venture to consignment sales, but those are usually in and out real quick.

I'm not complaining. I'm just stating that what I had imagined staying at home would look like is not what staying at home actually looks like. Often family members assume since I do not work outside of the home, that I'm just sitting at home waiting on someone to come visit me. Negative. To be honest, there's not a lot of sitting. . . ever. I'm sitting right now only because the twins are asleep. *Thank you teething tablets!* In two hours I will load up R&A and we will go pick Big Brother up from school. I'll come home, fix dinner, and load everyone  back up and we will go to football practice... where I will push the stroller on a walking trail round and round in circles. I love it. I love how I've become so comfortable without make up on. My hair is rarely ever "fixed". I have officially given 95% of myself to taking care of my family. I cannot imagine anything more important than being the best wife and mother I can be to my family. If that means I have to strike up a convo with the grocery store cashier once a week while I'm convincing a little boy to sit in the buggy and not pull his sister's hair... I'm completely ok with that.

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