Name of the Game: Hurry & Wait.

Welcome to the wonderful world of fertility treatment where we rush to get things all nice and in order only to find out we're out this cycle...and even the next cycle. I'm sure my fellow bloggers out there know the feeling I'm referring to. That feeling of, "Oh this is it! This is the cycle that will change everything!" only to get a call from your nurse saying, "We need to do some further testing before we proceed." or "You have a giant cyst on your ovary. We will have to wait until next cycle." 

I seriously almost emailed the pharmacy today to tell them to go ahead and send the rest of my medicine so I will have everything ready for the beginning of my cycle. It is a good thing I got distracted in the middle of that email though! Just a few minutes ago my nurse called to break the news to me that we are out this cycle because my doctor is strongly  encouraging us to do a few more blood tests to rule out some genetic stuff.  I'm a planner. I like to have everything all nice and ready. I like to have all of my ducks in a row and whatnot. Maybe that is a flaw? Maybe it is called being a perfectionist? Maybe I'm just crazy? Regardless, I have meds in my fridge beside my gallon of milk and an injection pen ready for action. I've never been so ready for AF (aunt flo..a.k.a my period) to show up. Like, it cannot get here fast enough. Now it is just another period though. The next one will be just another period as well. Considering I go anywhere from 27-50 days between cycles, there's a chance I'll have meds chillin beside my milk for the next 6 months. I'm serious. It may be a while. I mean we've waited a year and a half to get pregnant. What's another 6 months, right?

So now we wait...some more.  


  1. I feel your pain, girl! The whole process is looooong and frustrating! At times very hard to stay positive but know that you are not alone!!

  2. i feel ya! When I did treatments I was out one cycle because we were doing timed intercourse with injectables but my ovaries responded too well and I had to cancel so I wasn't octomom. The next cycle I was out for hormone reasons...then came IVF and that didn't work out either. So i know your pain. And I am a type A planner too :/ hugs girl!!


    1. It is frustrating at times. I am having trouble finding the silver lining in it right now. What helped you during those times?